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ActFax Pricing and Licenses

Pricing for ActFax is simple and clear. The calculation base for the price of a license is the number of users working with the software. A particular license is always limited to a single location. For multiple locations (i.e. branch offices), a separate license with the appropriate number of users would be required for each location. The number of users for a license is calculated from the total number of persons (workplaces) using the fax service. For example, a 10 user license entitles the license holder to use the software by a total number of 10 persons.

There are no long lists with extra services you have to pay for; with ActFax you always get the complete software package with all features and functions. The number of fax lines (modems) is also not limited in ActFax, so you do not need to worry if the current number of fax lines will be sufficient in the future. Free technical support as well as software updates are also already included in the license price; expensive maintenance contracts are therefore not required with ActFax.

ActFax Price List
License Type  US-$ Euro
5 User  655.00 550.00
10 User  875.00 740.00
20 User  1,165.00 980.00
50 User  1,555.00 1,315.00
Unlimited User  2,065.00 1,745.00
Media Kit (CD-ROM and User's Manual)  55.00 45.00
All prices excluding taxes, including postage & shipping

To order ActFax, please use our Online Order System (128-bit SSL encryption for secure data exchange), send us an email to sales@actfax.com or contact us by fax. Take care to enter your full company name and address to guarantee fast and smooth order processing. Payment can be done with credit card (Visa, MC/EC or American Express), bank transfer or check. If your company is in the European Union (EU), make sure to also enter your value added tax identification number (VAT-ID) with the order.

After we received your order, the license information is sent to you by email within a few hours. ActFax can be installed and activated with the software from the download area without waiting time that way. The license documents and invoice are sent by priority mail within one week. If you have questions regarding ordering ActFax, please contact us.


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  • the user limit of a license can be increased through the Online Order System?
  • the integrated Cover Page Designer can be used to create individual cover pages?
  • ActFax already includes free technical support?