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KB #9267 - Network printers are not available on the fax server

Problem Description

No network printers are available on the fax server.


If no network printers are available on the fax server, this usually is a permission problem when ActFax is running as a service, since the ActFax service is executed under the (invisible) LocalSystem user account by default. This user account does not have access to network resources. You can solve this by entering the user name and password of the Administrator user with the menu File / Automatic Startup / Windows Service. Depending on your network configuration you either need to enter your local Administrator user or the Administrator user of the domain.

Depending on the network configuration, logging in as the Administrator user should work with one of the following user names:

  • Administrator
  • \\.\Administrator
  • \\domain\Administrator

As an alternative you can also try to stop the fax server service and start the fax server in application mode by double-clicking on the fax server icon on the desktop. The fax server is started with the permission settings of the user currently logged on in that case then.

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