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ActFax - The Fax Server Solution for Windows and Unix

As a leading product for company-wide integration of network fax solutions, ActFax (ActiveFax Server) sets standards for years. Many major companies from different business lines all over the world are our customers and trust in ActFax. The client/server architecture of ActFax allows a fast and simple integration of fax and email with Windows as well as other operating systems, like Unix, Linux, DOS or mainframes. The software also offers full support for terminal server environments.

High scalability for small, medium-sized and large installations

The high scalability of ActFax allows efficient usage of the software for small installations with just a few workstations and a single fax line, as well as large installations with thousands of users and more than 60 simultaneous fax lines.

Seamless integration into own applications

In addition to sending and receiving fax messages from any standard application, ActFax can also be used for easy integration into own applications, for example to fax fully automated purchase orders or order confirmations. Many standardized interfaces and the support of all important printer emulations ensure seamless integration into Windows applications as well as applications running on different operating systems.

More information about all functions and features of ActFax can be found in the section product details. ActFax is also available for free download through the download area on our website for in-depth testing before buying to ensure the software meets all your requirements. Our free technical support is available prior and after purchase to assist you in answering questions and solving problems.

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ActFax 4.25 released

ActFax 4.25 (Build 0221) is available for download now. The software can be downloaded at the Download area on our website.

More information regarding updating an existing ActFax installation can also be found in the Knowledge Base Article #9521.

Did you know that ...
  • received fax messages can be automatically forwarded by email?
  • forms and bitmaps (i.e. logos) can be automatically added to a fax with overlays?
  • you can configure a different default printer for each user?